40 Units of Botox at Tacoma Laser Clinic (Up to 60% Off)

September 16, 2015 / Botox, Our Services, Promotions

20 or 40 Units of Botox at Tacoma Laser Clinic

Nonsurgical solution to wrinkles, crow’s feet, and frown lines with no recovery time

Tacoma Laser Clinic tackles blemishes with advanced technology and aesthetic know-how. Our staff is trained in laser systems and dermal fillers, which could help clients look young enough to get carded even when they’re buying a rum cake with “Happy 30th Birthday to Me!” written in icing. Their treatments include laser hair removal, Botox, and myriad skincare treatments for everything from lack of elasticity to discoloration. Tacoma Laser Clinic also offers tattoo removal should clients want to remove inked designs they now regret, such as the one on their shoulder that reads, “Happy 30th Birthday to Me!”

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