Don’t Sweat About It, Just Get MiraDry

Don't Sweat About It, Just Get MiraDryWhat do you make of that pit stain that comes on suddenly in the middle of that crucial board meeting? It could be due to excessive sweat, which can be embarrassing and uncomfortable. There are so many reasons for extreme sweat, including stress and anxiety, while others are more inclined to sweat, especially in hot and humid weather. 

Armpits are the most sweat-prone because they are moister and less ventilated. The area is also home to those greasy and smelly apocrine sweat glands, making any the sweat stay on for much longer than any other part of the body.

Fortunately, this shouldn’t be an issue anymore. MiraDry, an FDA non-surgical treatment, eliminates those stubborn sweat glands in your armpits, so those sweaty episodes are history. According to body image experts, the treatment reduces sweat and odor by over 80%, leaving you permanently fresh.

How Does MiraDry Work?

A typical MiraDry procedure uses thermal energy akin to microwaving. The process targets those sweat glands in your underarms, eliminating them in the process. MiraDry is a quick, painless, and permanent procedure that can take place from your doctor’s office in an hour or less. It also means that once these glands are off, they do not regrow, so you will never suffer awkward sweating episodes ever again.

What Should You Expect During MiraDry Treatment?

 It all begins at consultation. Besides a physical exam, the doctor takes your whole medical history, including how much you sweat. The discussion also revolves around the treatment type and if there are any risks and side effects. Of course, the physician will reassure you as this is an entirely safe and quick treatment with no downtime in most situations. The next step involves the practitioner numbing the area using local anesthesia. Finally, you get the MiraDry treatment in that precise area, eliminating the sweat glands.

MiraDry Side Effects

Some people may suffer a few non-life-threatening side effects, including swelling, nodules, and bumps. But these gradually begin to fade within a few days to a couple of weeks.

Should You Not Sweat at All?

Sweating is a necessary body function as it helps to regulate temperature. However, the underarms’ sweat glands account for merely 2% of the active sweat gland concentration in your body. In this case, the body will quickly adjust and start to compensate for that slight loss. Again, the body can also effectively cool itself without the armpit sweat glands, so you can rest assured that your body will function properly without them! 

What Are the Benefits MiraDry Treatment?

Several advantages accompany any MiraDry treatment. 

  • The most significant advantage of MiraDry is that you will no longer have those embarrassing pits issues again. The treatment lasts a lifetime, so you wont have to worry about touch up appointments to maintain your results.
  • Because of the treatment’s permanent nature, you will save the money which you would normally spend on sweat and odor-reducing antiperspirant. 
  • Because patients are able to avoid antiperspirants, they are also able to avoid the allergens and harmful ingredients that are often included in many deodorants. 

If you suffer excessive sweat and smelly underarms, you are the right candidate for this treatment. The life-changing results mean that you will no longer squirm in discomfort and shame due to pit issues. For more information or to schedule an appointment, contact Tacoma Laser Clinic today. 

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