Maintaining Skincare Routine During COVID

Maintaining Skincare Routine During COVID

COVID-19 has impacted so many daily routines. From work to exercise and dining habits to hobbies, the Coronavirus has reared its ugly head and shattered many realities. The effects of COVID are no different when it comes to skincare. Many people rely on a reputable skincare clinic like Tacoma Laser Clinic to achieve their desired look. With many clinics still dealing with the effects of the virus, it can seem impossible to maintain clear, healthy, glowing skin. Just remember, anything is possible!

Tacoma Laser Clinic offers a wide variety of skincare products for home use. These skincare specialists are dedicated to helping people easily maintain their skincare routines. While in-office visits may not be suitable for everyone at the moment, with Tacoma Laser Clinic’s medical skin care products, you can maintain your glowing complexion from anywhere!

SkinMedica® for Skincare

SkinMedica® supports the skin’s natural ability to replenish its own Hyaluronic acid for great overall skin health. This product has a proprietary mix of five forms of acid which decreases the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Many people believe moisturization cures the appearance of those features and consider hydration and moisturization to be one and the same. However, moisturization is the process of skin feeling hydrated, while hydration increases the water level in the skin, and it’s the addition of water that helps to combat signs of aging. In short, SkinMedica® is a must-have for those who aim to perfect their home skincare routines and decrease fine lines and wrinkles!

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SkinMedica® is a complex yet easy-to-use skin care formula designed to produce healthy skin and an ethereal complexion. This product contains Hyaluronic acid, which is a natural “water-loving” substance that occurs naturally within the skin. This unique acid is the body’s natural hydrator that holds in moisture to keep skin hydrated, resilient, and smooth. For more information, contact Tacoma Laser Clinic now!

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